Spectrum of Seating : Exhibition
 September 2022

A chair is a furniture that is indispensable when talking about living design trends or styles. We work, eat, and relax in our chairs every day. The function of space is realized by the chair, and people's relationships are sometimes defined according to the order or arrangement of sitting on the chair.

Twenty-seven chairs made by 27 designers working mainly in Seoul were placed in one space. This is the result of designers and craftsmen in the field exploring new concepts and forms of chairs through their respective materials, such as chairs using recycled materials for a sustainable environment, chairs for true rest, and chairs as objects that will provide pleasure in their daily lives.

Through this exhibition, the three curators look at the chair anew from the perspective of each participating artist. The participating artists as well as the audience referred to the chair with the word "SEATING" instead of "CHAIR" so that they could treat the chair from a broader perspective.

The exhibition deals with chairs as a medium for examining industrial and craft materials and structures. Through this, The curators would like to propose a new interpretation of the 'sitting behavior' rather than a simple functional consumer product. They hope that more people will enjoy, enjoy, and consume the chairs of domestic designers, and that it will be a place for new producers and collectors to communicate.
- Exhibition review
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